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Big News Hits Lubbock

This was the top headline in my Google News for the local section in Lubbock, TX.  I had to share.


Where is your homework?

  • I accidentally divided by zero and my paper burst into flames.
  • I could only get arbitrarily close to my textbook. I couldn’t
    actually reach it.
  • I was watching the World Series and got tied up trying to prove
    that it converged.
  • I have a solar powered calculator and it was cloudy.
  • I locked the paper in my trunk but a four-dimensional dog got in
    and ate it.
  • I took time out to snack on a doughnut and a cup of coffee, and
    then I spent the rest of the night trying to figure which one to
  • I could have sworn I put the homework inside a Klein bottle, but
    this morning I couldn’t find it.

I guess I’d better get ready for a few more of these once I’m back in
the classroom.


Blogging by Email

Now that I have a “smart phone” I am hoping to be able to post quick
Twitter updates and maybe blog entries from the phone. Since I don’t
want to pay outrageous SMS fees or data line charges, I am going to
use my existing wireless infrastructure and post by email. This is a
test of that system. I am blogging this by email. A few features
need to be tested for implementation so if you see stray, stange
posts, you now know why.

Thanks for bearing with me. Can you tell I’m excited about my new
phone. For a long time, I have been waiting to get the phone that has
a thumb keyboard, wifi access, Windows Mobile platform and a camera. I
finally have one, woohoohoo. I still need to wrap it back up since
it, technically, is my Christmas present. I know you’re probably
thinking that I shouldn’t be using it but it needed to be fully tested
to see if it is, indeed, the phone I want. Otherwise, I would have
returned it.

Meteor Shower Weekend

Be sure not to miss out on the meteor showers this weekend (Sunday night – Monday morning). It is a new moon coinciding with the Perseid shower. Mars will also be visible to the naked eye.
Just in case you are curious:

The Perseids (PURR-see-idz) are a prolific meteor shower[1] associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle. The Perseids are so called because the point they appear to come from, called the radiant, lies in the constellation Perseus. However, they can be seen all across the sky. Because of the path of Swift-Tuttle’s orbit, Perseids are mostly visible on the northern hemisphere. The shower is visible from mid-July each year, with the greatest activity between August 8 and 14, peaking about August 12. During the peak, the rate of meteors reaches a hundred or more per hour.(from Wikipedia)

Because this shower is visible from any direction, it is best to pick out a darker patch of sky and simply wait for “shooting star”. At its peak, you can expect to see 60 per hour.

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HT:“Everybody’s doin’ it, the locomotion, . . .” – Gallimaufry

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It was pretty dead on:

ISTJ Career Matches

ISTJs are often happy with the following jobs which tend to match well with the Examiner/Protector personality.

  • Accountant
  • Administrator
  • Auditor
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Specialist
  • Dentist
  • Detective
  • Doctor
  • Electrician
  • Executive
  • Financial Officer
  • Judge
  • Lawyer/Attorney
  • Librarian
  • Manager
  • Marketer
  • Math Teacher
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Military Leader
  • Police
  • Scientist
  • Steelworker
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Specialist
  • Technician

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


I have now set up a way to blog using my IPAQ. I use Pocket Sharp MT. I tried setting up blog by email but was utterly unsuccessful. I don’t know if I’ll find it all that useful but I always loving tinkering with my blog and my server. It seems like every week I am trying something new. In fact, I have occasionally turned on and off the email notification. I can’t decide if it is worth the problems I have had with it.
 There are two much more reliable ways of reading the most up to date blog entries: (1) Just check back here regularly or (2) Get yourself an RSS Feed Reader and add my link to the list of blogs that it checks ( My personal favorite is the web-based feed reader, Bloglines. Unfortunately, for those of you coming from my Xanga Site, I have yet to figure out how to get an rss feeder to monitor a Xanga Blog. If you happen to know, I’d love you to let me in on it.