Maple 11 Compatibility

I have tried to do a little research into the compatibility of Maple 11 with Microsoft Vista. A student of mine report that he attempted to run his new copy of Maple 11 on his new Vista machine and was unsuccessful. I could not find a statement on the Maplesoft website confirming or denying. I did see a MaplePrimes forum post that seemed to imply that it was not compatible but nothing official.

Does anyone know? I surely expect them to be working on this but finding no information was frustrating.

4 thoughts on “Maple 11 Compatibility

  1. Many apps that won’t run natively in Windows Vista (or Windows XP for that matter) will run in compatibility mode. (If necessary, the install/setup can be run in compatibility mode too.)

    To run the installed application in compatibility mode, simply right click on the shortcut icon, select properties, select the Compatibility tab, check the compatibility box and select the OS that you know the app will run in.

    To run the setup in compatibility mode, create a shortcut to the setup.exe, right click on the shortcut, then follow the above process.

    Good Luck!

  2. If you want early support for new OSs Mathematica has always been the answer, Linux, OS X, MacIntel, Vista etc

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