Online LaTEX Renderer

LaTeX Equation Editor

This little tool could come in real handy. I chose to use WordPress as my blog engine so that I could make use of the LatexRender plugin, but there have been occasions where I’d have liked an additional tool like this. Seems to work quite well.

HT: Mathematics Blog…

(And for those of you that aren’t aware, LaTEX is the tool most mathematicians make use of for typesetting)

3 thoughts on “Online LaTEX Renderer

  1. I still don’t get it…what’s wrong with doing it the old-fasioned way, namely by compiling the tex file into a dvi and then converting to a pdf?

  2. I see this as a tool useful for LaTEX “snippets” as opposed to full documents. They would be useful for posting into blogs or even Powerpoint of Keynote presentations.

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