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A while back, I started using the site,, for my bookmarks. My primary reason for doing so was so that I would have access to my bookmarks from any of the multiple computers that I use. Way down on the list of reasons to use the delicious bookmarks were for the “social networking” aspect of letting others see what I link to. But if you are interested you can see my links here:

Google LabsBut now, I have a new toy!! Google Browser Sync. I love this thing. It is an extension to the firefox browser available from Google Lab which allows you sync your firefox browser across different computers.  It actually allows you to syncronize your cookies, bookmarks, history and even saved passwords.  It is configurable so that you can choose exactly which data is syncronized.  Personally, I had no desire to syncronize anything except my bookmarks.  There is also an option for encryption and there is a 4 digit PIN that must be chosen so that you can verify the identity of your other browsers.  I am pretty sure that you do need a Google Account to be able to use this tool.

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4 thoughts on “Google Browser Sync

  1. Unfortunately, yes. This particular extension was designed specifically for Firefox. I have not found as good of a solution for IE which is why I was using the bookmarking site,, for my bookmarks.

  2. That’s a pretty nifty tool, though I wonder if it’s really a good idea to allow the transfer of saved passwords and even certain cookies over the ‘Net.

  3. I know nothing about the encryption they use, but should look into. Nevertheless, that is exactly the reason I limited the use to sharing my bookmarks alone.

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